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Wildlife Control Services:


- Birds

- Bats

- Squirrels

- Chipmunks

- Raccoons

- Rats

- Mice

- Skunks


You are choosing trained and certified technicians to control a wide range of animals for a comprehensive rate! No job is too big or too small! Our technicians will inspect your property, and give you a detailed report for the best wildlife control plan that suits your needs!


Our bird control prevention and relocation plan is designed to eliminate birds from roosting. Birds can cause several hazardous health problems from their fecal matter alone. Birds resting on your business can make it less desireable and also damage your building. We're available to remove birds that have been roosting on your business.


Bat control is another service we offer. We can provide attic restoration or exclusion work to your home or business when you’ve suffered from a bat invasion. Are you ready for a proper plan to bat-proof your home or business? We can help!


Rodents can cause numerous amounts of damages to your home and business. Whether they’re chewing on electrical wires, destroying installation, or making nests inside of your walls - rodents are notorious for property damages! Rodent's carry several types of disease in their urine and fecal matter droppings.  Trapping animals is our specialty! We set a barrier along the outside of your home or business and block all entrances.  We also place bait boxes in popular rodent areas.


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Wildlife Control Services

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